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Re: linux-authentication via openldap

At 07:35 AM 2002-01-15, Steve Simeonidis wrote:
>I've converted the passwd/shadow entries to ldap format.
>I can log on to the system but the following messages come up every second 
>which slow down the system dramatically.

I suggest you ask those more familiar with the application
you are use, nss_ldap.  Please use the <nssldap@padl.com> list
for questions specific to NSS LDAP (and pamldap@padl.com
for PAM LDAP).

>changed /etc/nsswitch.conf (RedHat 7.2)
> passwd:     ldap
>shadow:     ldap
>group:      ldap files
>BASE dc=spherion,dc=com
>pam_crypt       local