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RE: Backup && Restore

that answer was very helpful.

Justin Hahn <jeh@profitlogic.com> said: 

> It depends on your business requirements, but if you can get away with a
> snapshot of the server, here's what I'd suggest: Write a script which brings
> down slapd, copies the DB files somewhere. Next use slapcat on the DB to
> export them to LDIF. This way you have both an LDIF and a DB copy of your
> directory. (which can be handy.) Finally bring slapd back up. 
> There are a couple of advantages to the above: you don't have to tie slapd
> outage to backup timing (which is handy if that's not a facility you can
> readily control.) and you can minimize slapd downtime somewhat. (you can
> drop the LDIF export if your DB is enormous, or rig up a fake slapd.conf to
> slapcat the DB copy.)  On the downside, it means your backup isn't as up to
> date as if you tied the slapd outage to your backups. But then again, it
> should only be a few hours difference, and since you probably only do daily
> backups it's probably not a big deal.
> I can provide a rough script if you're interested. send me an email if you
> want it. (it's completely trivial though, so you really don't need my help.)
> And of course, don't forget to backup the ldap config files.
> --jeh
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> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have slapd and a large database going with it. Are there any 
> > recommended procedures for backup and restore ? Does only the 
> > /var/lib/ldap (the database directory) need to be backed up 
> > to tape ? Is 
> > it recommended to stop slapd for the time of the backup ?
> > 
> > Thanks
> > --Joerg
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