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Re: Newbie: OpenLDAP as replacement for Netscape Directory Server

On 1/14/2002 7:50 AM, Koszegi, Kelley wrote:


My organization is looking at replacing the Netscape Directory Server (v.
3.0) that we have been using. This version is no longer supported and we
are leery of the newest versions because of the pricing structure. We have
a few requirements and I have been able to piece together some responses to
those requirements from the archives and the administrative guide but since
I have little experience with LDAP (and no administrative experience at
all), I would appreciate a little guidance.

Do you have more than 200,000 entries in your directrory server? If not, go purchase a SunBlade 100 ($1000). It comes with a 200,000 entry iPlanet Directory server license. Thats 200 entries per dollar spent on the Sun Blade.

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