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Group Based Authentication (pam_ldap)

Hello list, 

I have some problems understanding how to implement
group based authentication using pam_ldap. 

I am running RH7.2, openldap2.x (from rpm).

RH comes with "authenticate using LDAP" option in the
authconf utility. and it works fine. checking
/etc/pam.d it looks like authentication is passing
through system-suth that other files in the directory
also use (I might be wrong here!) ... this is off

What I need. I have 3 services that I need to restrict
the usage of to 3 diffrent groups. I don't want the
user from group-A to be able to connect to service-B
using her login/userpassword. I am not really sure how
to do this, I have an idea but a very vague one. 

I am sure this is very easy to many on this list,
please be patient, and if possible send me your reply
in a step-by-step fashion (I am a bit slow;-)

thank you all 

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