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Re: Replication with different base DN

> Hi
> scenario:
> i've got 2 ldap servers
> 1. dc=blah,dc=sk
> 2. dc=anotherblah,dc=sk
> I need to replicate subtree ou=cust,dc=blah,dc=sk to
> ou=cust,dc=anotherblah,dc=sk, is it possible?
> I've tried to make an alias but i can't add it to ldap server i've
> received error no such object
> alias ldif:
> dn: dc=anotherblah,dc=sk
> aliasedobjectname: ou=gsm,dc=blah,dc=sk
> objectclass: extensibleobject
> objectclass: alias
> dc: anotherblah
> any idea?

You may try a "too clever" solution :) by setting up a ldap backend 
on the slave that "massages" the DNs and calls itself on the 
regular database that handles the "dc=anotherblah,dc=sk" naming
context; to this purpose you need a "massaging" version of the 
server (the HEAD code); you may configure it as follows:

<slave slapd.conf>
database	ldap
suffix		"dc=blah,dc=sk"
suffixmassage	"dc=blah,dc=sk" "dc=anotherblah,dc=sk"
uri		"ldap://localhost/";
lastmod		off

database	ldbm
suffix		"dc=anotherblah,dc=sk"
# other stuff
</slave slapd.conf>

If you use the "troyan" ldap database only for replication 
you may want to allow access only to the updatedn:

<slave slapd.conf>
# right between the two database definitions
access to * 
	by dn="cn=replicator,dc=blah,dc=sk" write
	by * none
</slave slapd.conf>

Maybe someone may come out with a cleaner solution...