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Re: Using LDAP for ipsec certificates&crl file retreival


I'm not expert on the subject but it just so happens that I am in the middle
of doing just that. It has taken me literally months to get this far and I
don't have it running yet. There is something called SCEP (simple
certificate enrollment protocol) that was created by Cisco and is used to
store and retreive certificates on LDAP servers. The only product that is
supposed to work that is free and that I know of is called OpenSCEP. The
others that are supposed to be able to do it also are Netscape and Entrust.
The active directory structure of Windows 2k has built in capabilities if
you want to go the MS route.

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Subject: Using LDAP for ipsec certificates&crl file retreival

Hi Guys

We wanna setup a LDAP server to support, among the usual stuff, online
ipsec certificate (host, CA) and crl file.Could anybody recommend any
kind of admin guide that would conduct me in the right direction.

Help is very welcome