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Failed assertion in sockbuf.c

I have installed OpenLDAP on one of our Solaris 8 machines for use with
PAM_LDAP Any everything seems to be working fine except for when I issue
the passwd command to set the users password I get the error:

# passwd testuser 
sockbuf.c:75: failed assertion `sb != NULL'

I have written to padl.com but since sockbuf.c is one of your files I
figured I should tape your brains as well. :) 

I am currently using GCC 2.95.3 on Sparc Solaris 8. The build process
goes without a fault. If you have anything that could lead to fixing the
problem, I would greatly appreciate it!  

Mark de Jong

Senior Systems Engineer - Secure Dog Hosting
P. 703.256.2869
C. 571.212.0027
F. 703.256.3810