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Re: ganymede and openldap

>I wonder if any of u have tried using the ganymed with 

I haven't.

>If I were to import data from the LDAP server, will have to 
>write and XML module to convert the ldif format.
>If I were to modify the data at the ganymede server, I will 
>need to write a script to dump the data back to the LDAP 

There is already procedures/standards for this. 
DSML = Directory Server Markup Language
See http://www.dsml.org and I document some of the free DSML utilities
in my LDAP presentation

>Has anyone tried doing this and can provide the source code 
>in handling this ?

There are several java examples for processing DSML out on the web.  You
can find DSMLGateway and DSMLTools on www.freshmeat.net