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Desired: back-sql gurus for review

I'm adding a section on back-sql to my LDAP presentation and would
**really** appreciate it if some back-sql knowledgeable people would
review that section.  


The back-sql stuff starts on page 32

I've documented the schema and how the database maps things,  next I'm
going to go into writing the stored procedures and using database
triggers, etc...  But I'd like that what I have done is technically

The list of topics I've included so far -
1. LDAP basics
2. Schema
3. Structural (partitioning, etc...)
4. Special objects & objectclasses (The DSE, subschema, etc...)
5. Global configuration directives
6. Back end configuration directives
7. back-sql (not finished)
8. Replication and redundancy
	I'd like to add more to this section,  including using Kerberos 
	to authenticate the master to the slaves, etc...
9. Access Control
10. Access control with ACI
11. Common objectclasses (inetorgperson, etc...) (not finished)
12. System Integration (PAM & NSS)
13. Bind & SRV records
14. The migration scripts
15. Misc. Tips
16. Utilities (ldapsearch, ldapadd, etc...)
17. Third party utilities (gq, ldapdiff, etc...)
18. Sendmail (useful, but not yet finished)
19. Samba PDC + ldap (useful, but not yet finished)
20. OpenLDAP as an ILS server (Netmeeting interoperability)
22. LDAP authentication in xmlBlaster
23. LDAP & C (not finished)
24. AIX (not finished, I can't get this to work)
25, Active Directory, only a mention of MKSADExtPlugin

I hope to add sections on
PPPd, MS-CHAPv2 authentication against a Samba PDC+LDAP server
LPRng, distributing /etc/printcap with LDAP