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segmentation fault on slapd shutdown (AIX)

I've written an OpenLDAP plug-in to make our e-mail system addresses
through LDAP. The original database is an IBM DB2 database with a sort of
InetOrgPerson table. I've written a simple read-only plug-in using the
same connections management of the back-sql plug-in. Everything works fine
except when I shutdown the slapd server and a segmentation fault occurs.

This occurs only if at least one query has been made to the server.
The routine is spin_lock_global_ppc_up of the pthreads library. I know
this usually happen with a mistake in some other part of the code,
but if anybody has experienced the same problem, maybe I can have
a suggestion on how to solve it.

The OpenLDAP release is the 2.0.19
AIX is 4.3.3

Thanks in advance,
Matteo Gelosa

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