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Which schema?

Hello, LDAP newbie here.

I have a need to integrate two web-based software packages.  One is a
CMS (geeklog.sf.net) and the other is a web-mail program (SquirrelMail
with Courier-IMAP).  Specifically I need to make it so they have a
common authentication and account creation system.

I want to create a *very* simple LDAP database for the users of the
system.  At a minimum I need to store the userid,username,password and,
possibly, their email address.

I'm not really sure if any of the stock schema with OpenLDAP have all
the fields I need (for NIS one, for example, has most of what I need
except the password).  The password in this instance will not be a valid
system password, rather, an application-level password. My question is
should I start with a simple schema of my own for this? Also, are there
security considerations for storing the password in the LDAP database? 
My plan was to store an MD5 hash of the user's password.

Also, if you think I'm going down the wrong path for this let me know. 
However, based on what I have read, LDAP is a logical solution.