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Re: Newbie : Anonymous access toOpenLDAP

mauvielc@utt.fr wrote:

'lo (soory for English, but I'm french.... :)

I'm a newbie in Linux use and I must install OpenLDAP. For the moment I want to use it with a full anonymous access.

The problem is that when I do a ldapadd, I've received the alarm message : ldif_record : 32.

My configuration is : (only what's not in comment)
Openldap version : 1.2.12
Redhat 7.2

IP @ :

base dc=gatekeeper,dc=com ssl no
pam_password md5

*******slapd.conf******** include /etc/openldap/schema/core.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/cosine.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/nis.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/redhat/rfc 822-MailMember.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/redhat/autofs.schema include /etc/openldap/schema/redhat/kerberosobject.schema

schemacheck off

database ldbm
suffix "dc=gatekeeper,dc=com"
rootdn "cn=root,dc=gatekeeper,dc=com"

that's all ?
no ACL ?

try add something like :

access to *
   by anonymous write

at the end of slapd.conf

You've better go to www.openldap.org and read ldap guides.