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Re: ldap and sendmail integration, vacation messages

We do this. mail500 (presumably maildap) has hooks to check the onVacation attribute. There's another problem vacmail500, derived from the common Unix vacation program, that acts as a sendmail mailer and handles vacation message delivery. Not sure if OpenLDAP is distributing it, but I have it if someone wants it.


On 1/9/02 12:29 AM +0100 bulk@alfredsson.org wrote:


Does anyone have experience with keeping "vacation" or autoreply
messages in openldap, and have it automatically sent by sendmail?

I know exim has such hooks, but I have not found any information
regarding sendmail. It can be easily done with procmail, but that
would require a homedirectory for each email account. The point
of keeping the info in ldap is to avoid that :)

One idea I have is to replace the mail delivery agent to do the
lookups and reply, and then hand it off to the usual MDA to handle
local delivery.