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OT: RE: Assertion failed -- possible to get this from a query?


I am not familiar enough with OpenLDAP administration to have a guess as to
the source of your problem, but along the lines of malformed LDAP packets
causing LDAP server crashes, you might be interested in the following
Their LDAP testing tool was used to discover potential security
vulnerabilities in a great many of the available LDAP server products.  You
can read the Securityfocus.com advisory (which has links to other
information sources) here:

Their (the PROTOS group) focus is on creating black box software testing
tools to assist daemon programmers in the process of rooting out potential
buffer overflows and other such problems that can lead to software security

Hope you find the source of your problem,
Chris Todd

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Subject: Assertion failed -- possible to get this from a query?

Hello everyone,

Quite suddenly this evening my slapd (2.0.18) aborted, and when I
restarted it, it would run for between 1 second and about 20 seconds
before aborting again.  In debug mode, I see this error:

schema_init.c:622: failed assertion `!ldap_utf8_isspace(

And by watching the query log, I noticed that the last query before it
dies (as best I can tell, considering how many queries per second are
executed), is always from one particular mail server.  What I'm asking
is this -- can a malformed query cause the above error to occur?  The
optimistic part of my personality insists that slapd should not be
crashable with a malformed query.  The realistic side of my personality
isn't so sure ;-).

If anyone can shed some light on what I'm seeing, and on whether or not
it could be do to a messed up query, I'd appreciate it.  Also, if anyone
here is bright enough to tell me what's actually failing (I read the
source code a bit, but I wasn't able to come up with a concrete answer)
when this error occurs, that would be great to.  I'll be taking that
particular question to the development list, I think.


David Stults