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Re: Newbie fishing for a lead...

At 05:26 PM 2002-01-08, Alan Brown wrote:

>Ok I'm getting an error message saying that my javaContainer object
>requires a 'cn' attribute.  However isn't that a cn attribute right
>there in the logs?  cn=myConnection indeed.  

The object class violation is simply that a required attribute,
CN, didn't exist as an attribute of the entry.  The fact that
an attribute value used for naming doesn't exist is yet another
error, a naming violation.  OpenLDAP doesn't (yet) detect naming

>I'm at a loss because this is a 3rd party application that is sending
>this info to the Ldap server so I shouldn't be needing to debug it's
>communications with Ldap unless I've set something up wrong in the
>slapd.conf file.

3rd party application is broken if attempts to create entries
which violate schema or naming rules.