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Newbie: ACL issue (I think)

I'm trying to access an LDAP server through sonicMQ.  I've built the
world's simplest slapd.conf file to enable all access to all people, yet
I'm still getting an Insufficient Access Rights message.  My slapd.conf
file contains the following lines...

access to * by * read 
access to * by * write 
access to * by * search

couldn't be simpler, eh?

But when I run slapd in debug mode I still get the following error and
I'm not sure where it could be coming from or (perhaps) even what it
means.   Any help would be appreciated...

=> access_allowed: write access to "o=kenamea" "children" requested
=> acl_get: [1] check attr children
<= acl_get: [1] acl o=kenamea attr: children
=> acl_mask: access to entry "o=kenamea", attr "children" requested
=> acl_mask: to all values by "", (=n) 
<= check a_dn_pat: *
<= acl_mask: [1] applying read (=rscx) (stop)
<= acl_mask: [1] mask: read (=rscx)
=> access_allowed: write access denied by read (=rscx)