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Re: Storing Special German Characters in OpenLDAP as PGP-Directory

Hi Waldemar,

the cause using a ldap server for storing PGP keys is _one_ corporate directory.
Why use a dedicated PGP keyserver, if
it is posible to store the keys in the corporate directory? PGP version 7.x has
the capability to do so (theoretically ;-)).

We have a valid support contract with NAI. But the NAI support does not have
much knowledge about OpenLDAP. :-(


Waldemar Brodkorb <waldemar@thinknow.de> am 05.01.2002 13:38:53

Bitte antworten an Waldemar Brodkorb <waldemar@thinknow.de>

An:   Joachim Koch/Login/DE/MLP@MLP

Thema:    Re: Storing Special German Characters in OpenLDAP as PGP-Directory

Hello Joachim,
>From the keyboard of Joachim.Koch,

sorry for mailing you directly.

> Now you should be able to use OpenLDAP as PGP Directory. :-)

Of what use is this? I think PGP and GnuPG uses the "Web of Trust"
model. Or do you use the LDAP server only for a replacement of a
pgp-server with hks protocol, which is supported by PGP and GnuPG.

Why you don't use Gnu Privacy Guard? I think PGP is no longer
supported by NAI and a security application without maintenance
is nearly useless.

Some times ago I asked on gnupg-users mailinglist, if direct LDAP
support is planned, but I get no response.

A colleague have made a small perlscript which emulates an
pks-server and pushes the public keys into a LDAP database.
Only a wrapper, but a native solution would be nicer.

Hope we can discuss a little bit over this topic.


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