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Re: Cannot get ldaps to work to 2.0.19 or 2.0.11

> I've made some progress atlast! I can now get ldaps to work with
> ldapsearch provided I use -H ldaps://hostname/ instead of -H
> However, I haven't gotten any of the other clients (Microsoft OE 5.5
> Netscape 4.77) to work with secure access. In both cases, the failure
> seems to stem from an "error in SSLv3 read client certificate A."
> the debug trace (edited for clarity).
> One important difference might be that ldapsearch client (the only
> successful one) was launched from the same host as the server where as
> the rest of the clients were all remote.

I've now been able to get one remote client to work correctly. It is the
java based LDAPBrowser available from
In order to get it working with SSL, I needed java's ssl libraries from

I'm still interested in getting the ubiquitous mail clients such as OE
and netscape messenger to also work over ssl. I appreciate any help
regarding the same. Thanks in advance.