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Re: openLDAP LDIF __X__ standard LDIF

At 10:44 AM 2002-01-04, Jose Augusto wrote:
>I´m on a project with LDAP and have some problems because of the difference between openLDAP 'simplified' LDIF and the 'standard' LDIF. My questions:

>1) Can I get a LDIF report from openLDAP that completely obey standard LDIF (rfc2849) ?

BTW, LDIF is a Proposed Standard.
With ldapsearch(1), use -L (the default is a superset of LDIFv1).
It should cause ldapsearch(1) to conform to LDIFv1.  If not,
file a Issue Report (http://www.openldap.org/its/) with specifics.

>2) Can I get the schema of Netscape/IPlanet LDAP server and use it on openLDAP server ? 

If Netscape/iPlanet provides RFC 2252 schema descriptions,
you can suck them into slap.conf(5) with a minor edit or
two (s/es:// and adjust line wrapping).