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SHA and ColdFusion


I managed to replace a Netscape LDAP server at the office w/OpenLDAP.  The
repository is used for authentication.  In particular, some Cold Fusion app
makes use of it.  The old Netscape setup (which crashed and died) 'just
worked', handles by some type of Security settings in ColdFusion.  Now, all
the passwords that are being fed with new user accounts are being stored as
plain text.  I can use Perl and Digest::SHA1 to setup the accounts by hand,
but this is a real pain.

My lack of familiarity with ColdFusion is obvious, so can anyone give me a
clue here?  ColdFusion apparently makes no mention of a SHA'ish function,
and a google search yields nothing.  The Digest::SHA1 module is not
available for ActivePerl (for a quick SHA'ing utility on the Windows Box)
What is the best way for me get this ColdFusion app to make OpenLDAP
understand this is a SHA'ed password?