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OK, so I'm being a pest, but where does one find ldif2ldbm?

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In an earlier thread, I indicated that I was highly suspicious of the fact that I didn't seem to have any kind of starter databases. I can't find them in any of the distributions, nor can I find any reference to creating them in the "quick start" guide.
After running the trace information, I find that it indicates that it can't find a file called dn2id.dbb. Several posts in the search engine seem to indicate that I need to run a utility called ldif2ldbm in order to create the dbb files. This would, however, only get me so far since I don't have any starter kind of ldif files - it would seem that I might be able to run it against the core.schema file? (just a guess?).
My apologies for so many of the rookie questions - I'm really trying to read and digest things and find my own answers before asking, but I'm not getting very far.