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Re: Can't search database

Hi Uno,

> Then if I try to find the added items by doing:
> ldapsearch -x -w secret -D "cn=ldapmanager,dc=engborgs,dc=com" -h
>  "(objectclass=*)"

there is no search base (-b) in your ldapsearch ...

> Any  idea what I am doing wrong? Doesnt all objects have an object
> class? I was execting a listing of all items
yes, they have

> from that query. I suspect that I start the search from the wron place
> in the tree or somthing. But I really can't

I too, try 

ldapsearch -x -w secret -D "cn=ldapmanager,dc=engborgs,dc=com" -h -b dc=engborgs,dc=com "(objectclass=*)"


ldapsearch -x -w secret -D "cn=ldapmanager,dc=engborgs,dc=com" -h -b uid=root,ou=People,dc=engborgs,dc=com "(objectclass=*)"

This should return some entries. 

You can specify a default search base (and host, bind DN, ...) in
ldap.conf or ~/ldaprc

If this does not work you may play around with some ACLs or the

hope this helps,