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ldap clients

hi to all,
    I am develpoing a multi threaded client who does a search on the
ldap server.But the search occurs asynchronously.Say for the 1 st search
i have bound to the ldap server and then fired the search query ,at the
same time another thread (2) within the client has again bound to the
ldap server to fire the search query.Is it that the bind fired by
thread(2) would fail since the first thread has already bound to the
port 389.(the DN for both the threads are the same).If yes then is this
solution right where in i bind only once and then fire the search query
for both the threads one by one asynchrounsly(in both the threads).

Also in ldap_search_ext : the last parameter is the msgid which is
ofcourse taken in as the refernce and is filled up by the server.Now my
question is if i bind to the sever only once but fire multiple serach
query's on different threads am i going to get different msg id's.

happy chirstmas and happy new year to all of you.


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