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Re: Fwd: Re: current state of PGP w/ openLDAP backend? / PGP schema

At 03:41 AM 2001-12-22, Peter Marschall wrote:
>On Thursday 20 December 2001 05:15, you wrote:
>> At 07:31 AM 2001-12-14, JR Mayberry wrote:
>> >I'm curious as to the current state of PGP w/ openLDAP as a backend.. to
>> > use NAI's PGP clients..
>> >
>> >Most of the links I've found from google are a few years old and I
>> > haven't been able to find any working projects..
>> I suspect nothing much has changed.  PGP clients are not designed
>> to interact with general purpose LDAP directory systems, but with
>> special PGP key servers.  While LDAP folks have made suggestions
>> to PGP folks on how to interact with general purpose LDAP
>> directories, the PGP folks seem content with their specialized
>> PGP key servers.  Oh well.  See the archives of this list and the
>> developer's list for details.
>With PGP in general Kurt is right. NAI PGP is a special case.
>They say they can store their PGP public keys in a directory.
>(the client offers such an option)
>In our company we were interested in testing this half a year ago.
>So we asked NAI's german branch for any information about
>the schema needed in the directory server, ...
>The answer we got was:
>"You have to find out the informations for yourself !
>But if you find out we are very interested."

Sounds like someone is blowing smoke.