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Re: Is there a man page on ldap_rename_s?

Ken Witzke wrote:
> Folks,
> Is there documentation on ldap_rename_s?


> Or can someone tell me what my options are for the argument and what it
> really is:
>     LDAP_CONST char *newSuperior,
> NULL doesn't seem to be an option as I get the error code

           int ldap_rename_s(
                   LDAP            *ld,
                   const char      *dn,
                   const char      *newrdn,
                   const char      *newparent,
                   int             deleteoldrdn,
                   LDAPControl     **serverctrls,
                   LDAPControl     **clientctrls

ld           The session handle.

dn           The name of the entry whose DN is to be changed.

newrdn       The new RDN to give the entry.

newparent    The new parent, or superior entry.  If this parameter is
             NULL, only the RDN of the entry is changed.  The root DN
             SHOULD be specified by passing a zero length string, "".
             The newparent parameter SHOULD always be NULL when using
             version 2 of the LDAP protocol; otherwise the server's
             behavior is undefined.

deleteoldrdn This parameter only has meaning on the rename routines if
             newrdn is different than the old RDN. It is a boolean
             value, if non-zero indicating that the old RDN value(s) is
             to be removed, if zero indicating that the old RDN value(s)
             is to be retained as non-distinguished values of the entry.

serverctrls  List of LDAP server controls.

clientctrls  List of client controls.

So a NULL newparent implies only the RDN is to be altered, __OR__ 
a LDAPv2 operation is being performed.


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