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slapd stops on Windows

OpenLDAP: 2.0.17
OS: Windows NT & Windows 2000 Server
Client: App using OpenLDAP 2.0.17 client libs


I have a problem where slapd will suddenly stop. It is being run from NT
service. When it stops, nothing appears on the screen, event log, and
there are no Dr. Watson file. I have it running on many different boxes,
some with Windows NT and others with Windows 2000 Server. The slapd have
been running fine on all of them for months and this week, some of them
started stopping for no reason I can find. I can restart them and they
would work again. The database files are not corrupted as far as I can
see. It happens intermediately.

The client is a VC++ program using OpenLDAP client libs. It uses the
slapd IP address & port. It uses simple authentication. There are no
referrals used.

I've look at the archive and found a couple of reports of slapd
crashing. I'm wondering whether anyone has similar problems/ideas on
what could cause it. The ones that stopped were release copies. I'm
trying to isolate the problem now by running the debug copies of slapd.
I would appreciate any ideas/help. Thanks.