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Re: configure - specify SleepyCat

From: "Euan Guttridge" <EGuttridge@buildonline.com>

> Solved...almost. configure --prefix=/usr/local fixed the 
> configuration, but the make (after make depend) failed with 
> "ldbm.c:319: structure has no member named `set_malloc'".
> The FAQ and documentation explain this to be due to the call 
> set_malloc having been replaced with set_alloc
> (http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/upgrade.3.3/alloc.html). My 
> question is - how / where do I make these changes?

I would advice you to specify using BerkeleyDB specific in the configure
phase.  Otherwise it  probably automatically  configures itself  towards
using LDBM (default?). That's at least  my hunch since it tries to  read
the  ldbm.c  source  file,   which  probably  shouldn't  be   used  when
configuring with Sleepycat's software.

Try using something like --with-gdbm (I think that was how to specify it
:) in ./configure ....

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