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Re: configure - specify SleepyCat

From: "Euan Guttridge" <EGuttridge@buildonline.com>

> When you say *installed*, does running configure -> make -> make 
> install mean *installed* or do I need to do anything further? I 
> suspect so as there is nothing in /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib.

I *believe*  the 'make  install' procedure  has to  be completed for the
required  files to  be present  for OpenLDAP  to finish.  For BerkleyDB
support, that is.

For more information,  I refer to  this topic described  in the OpenLDAP
Admin Guide, available at

  <URL:http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/install.html#Database Software>


OpenLDAP's  slapd(8)   primary  database   backend,  LDBM,   requires  a
compatible database package for  entry storage. LDBM is  compatible with
Sleepycat  Software's  BerkeleyDB  (recommended)  or  the  Free Software
Foundation's GNU Database Manager  (GDBM). If neither of  these packages
are available  at configure  time, you  will not  be able build slapd(8)
with primary database backend.

Your operating system may provide one of these two packages in the  base
system or as an  optional software component. You  may need may need  to
obtain the software and install it yourself.


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