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Syslog on AIX and slapd return value


I am having problems trying to get any logging under AIX. There is no option to 
log to a file, so I am a bit screwed. This is what I put in /etc/syslog.conf:

local4.*                /var/log/ldap

I did create the file and chmod 666 (for testing) and re-started syslog. no 

Here are my command line options to slapd:

INFO: slapd = /usr/opt/openldap-2.0.18/libexec/slapd
INFO: args = -llocal4 -h ldap:// \

If I try to use -d to log to stdout, the slapd process will not fork. Since it 
will not fork, I need to launch slapd in a subshell. If I run it in the 
background, I am unable to reliably determine if it IS running  properly since:

  slapd -args &

always returns successful (exit 0) even when slapd fails.

Can anyone help?


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