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ldap add

hi to all,
    I would be ver y glad if some one cud help me .I am not able to get
the desired result while using ldapadd.
In my slapd.conf file the suffix rule is as follows
suffix "dc=mmmm,dc=mahindrabt,dc=com"
while as the contents of my rootdn are
rootdn "userid=Manager,dc=mmmm,dc=mahindrabt,dc=com"

Now with this as the configuration of my slapd iam trying out to do the
add for ldap.
Let me know if any of steps should be wrong:-
1 Add the node entry for mahindrabt(which unfortunately it is not
2.Add the node entry for mmmm and then the node entry for Manager.
3.After which the entries for the various users should be added.

If the steps are wrong then please let me know about it.
While adding the first node ie for mahindrabt iam getting the error
ldap_add : No such object with ldif_record()=32.

Can some body please assist me in this matter.
The First Timer (ajit :) )


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