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Hello.  I'm trying to understand if the following behavior in OpenLDAP 2.x
is a bug or not.  The person class has required attributes of 'sn' and 'cn'
and the inetorgPerson object class inherits from the Person objectclass
therefore I'm assuming that 'sn' and 'cn' tag along.  So if I create an
objectclass that inherits from inetorgPerson I'm assuming the 'sn' and 'cn'
attributes tag along again.  Lets say for example we created an object class
called 'inetorgPersonExtension'.  If you create an entry with the following
or similar:

dn: someDistinguisedName
objectclass: inetorgPersonExtension
someAttribute: someValue

OpenLDAP will accept the entry without complaining that the 'sn' and 'cn'
attributes are required.  Is this the correct behavior?  I know if I
explicitly list all the object classes up the inheritance hierarchy OpenLDAP
will complain about the missing required attributes.  Maybe because most of
my coding is done using OO languages I'm assuming that OpenLDAP would walk
the inheritance hierarchy to ensure that all required attributes are
present.  Anyway, I just wanted to know if OpenLDAP's behavior is correct or

Dane Foster