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Re: slurpd with kerberos working config

>>>>> "Lally," == Lally, Keith R <lally@bnl.gov> writes:

    Lally,> Turbo, I put in the patch and rebuilt/tested cyrus-sasl
    Lally,> successfully.  The replication is now working and the
    Lally,> sasl-bind shows MY.REALM.  My remaining problem is if I
    Lally,> uncomment the updatedn line on the slave slurpd fails with
    Lally,> a "no object found" error.  With the updatedn line removed
    Lally,> and permissions restricted to write only for the
    Lally,> replicator.\+realm=MY.REALM it works fine.  I've tried
    Lally,> various types of updatedn lines and added by * read as
    Lally,> well but it still fails.  Since I've got it working this
    Lally,> isn't quite as critical but do you have any ideas on why
    Lally,> updatedn would cause this?

You did run Kerberos and SASL, right? Do you get a ticket before
starting slapd?
        http://www.bayour.com/LDAPv3-HOWTO.html# getting a ticket before starting slurpd|outline

The init script:

The backup's ACLs:

The backup's config file:

(since you've been reading my HOWTO, you should have seen these, but
just incase you haven't gotten this faar yet :)

Other than that, I don't know. 'Works for me'... :)

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