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RE: objectclass index

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> > You should only be using eq index for objectclass. If you never
> > intend to use objectclass as a search parameter, you should not
> > index it at all. With only 3 objectclasses in your database, there
> > doesn't seem to be much need.
> but.. when i'm not indexing objectclass, slapd does a search on the
> whole database for an "referral" entry on the _not indexed_ attribute
> objectclass.. with the openldap tools i can specify "-M" as a work-
> around, but with qmail, i can't..
> i think i remember a discussion on the devel list to even encode the
> objectclass index in openldap with 2.0.19 at all, so i think just
> disabling DSA controls at all isn't the right way..? (that's what i did
> so far..)

Ah yes. In that case, you might as well use the eq index. I don't know if
the patch will be in 2.0.19, but I have corrected this behavior in the
development stream. If your search does not include the objectclass
attribute in the filter, then those additional objectclass tests (referral
and alias) will not occur. (They are superfluous when nothing else in the
filter references objectclass.)

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