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Re: problem in using ldap add

Ajit Nair wrote...:

> hi to all,
>     It is the fresher guy once again .Well i have got this problem
>     while 
> iam using ldap add .It says error ldif_record()=89.It  points at
> the line havinf the dn entry which incidently is the first  line in
> my file. 
> I know that u guys would have faced this problem but still the
> entry in my ldif file looks like this
> dn: userid=ajit ,dc=xxx .dc=yyy,dc=com
is this really a dot (".") in your ldif too..? if it is, replace with a 
comma, if not, i'd first suggest to remove all whitespaces you don't 
need. (thought i think they shouldn't matter in this case, i don't like 
whitespace at all, especially not in DNs..)

> Is it that i have to make the entries for dc=yyy and dc=xxx

no, but "dc=xxx,dc=yyy,dc=com" has to exist. (if my tree-structure-
assumptions apply, i.e. you have a "suffix dc=xxx,dc=yyy,dc=com" in your