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Re: So close and yet so annoyed...

Ken Ingram wanted us to know:

>[1812] cat ldifs/root.ldif
>dn: dc=sdl,dc=org
>objectclass: dcObject
>objectclass: organization
>o: SDL
>dc: sdl

Personally, I'd drop the dc: sdl line and the objectclass: dcObject, but
you've probably got a reason for it so it's safe to ignore that comment.

>dn: cn=root, dc=sdl, dc=org
>objectclass: organizationalRole
>cn: root
>-- root@gemini [/usr/local/etc/openldap] bash --
>[1813] ldapadd -v -x -D "cn=root, dc=sdl, dc=org" -f ldifs/root.ldif -w
>ldap_add: Invalid syntax
>        additional info: value contains invalid data

cat -e ldfis/root.ldif

Look for trailing spaces.
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