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Re: about schema

--On Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2001 21:21 +0530 Ajit Nair <ajitn@mahindrabt.com> wrote:

hi to all,
    Is it mandotry to use the object class provided by OpenLdap?
I have gone through the object class and its attribute type in almost
all the schema's except for core.How is it that i am going to develop a
schema that is suitable for my application.I might have a case where in
i would be deriving myObject from another object class ,of which i just
want to use only certain feilds and not the others.Is there any way i
can do that .

No. If you derive myObject from say supObject, myObject will inherit all of supObject's attributes. You'd have to create myObject from scratch, ie. derive it from top.

Secondly is it mandatory for me have an OID for my object class(if iam
planning to create one :) ).


If yes where can i get it from .

Get yourself an private enterprise number from http://www.iana.org

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