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Re: User Pasword Hashing

At 15:18 13/12/01 +0500, Hotmail wrote:
Hello All,
    I have recently installed Openldap 2.0.18 on Red Hat Linux 6.0 and want to use its feature of automatic hashing of userpassword. I have been trying a number of methods i.e. by configuring openldap using different configure options i.e. --enable-spasswd --enable-kpasswd etc. I have also been trying after installing OpenSSL and Cyrus SASL again but I could not be able to get an automatically hashed password.
If I add a user to ldap with a plain text password it is saved in plain text not in hashed form.
Can anyone guide me through this problem that how to save an automatically hashed user-password in Openldap 2.0.18 database.

When you add with 'ldapadd' an entry with the userPassword attribute, the userPassword must be in encrypted form (ldapadd add exactly what you give it). If you want to crypt automaticelly the password you must used 'ldappasswd'. This function call the password extended operation and take in care the password parameters you write into slapd.conf:
password-hash {SHA}

best regards,