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Re: openldap 1.2.11-5 and php-ldap 4.0.6


francesco.tornieri wrote:

Other problem...i used Openldap 1.2.11.-5 and i have to install php-ldap-4.0.6 but i've some problems with dependencies:
liblber.so.2 is needed by php-ldap-4.0.6-7
libldap.so.2 is needed by php-ldap-4.0.6-7
(lib for openldap 2.x). How can resolve this problem?Ideas?
Best Regards, Francesco

I think you can't :)

liblber.so.2 comes from openldap v2.x, but you have openldap 1.x
What you can do is compile openldap 2.x somewhere else, and link with new libraries. I think it should work.

Why not migrate you whole ldap to newset version ?
ldap v3 (openldap 2.x) is far better than ldap v2 (openldap 1.x)

note : php 4.1 is out since 3 days now ! enjoy !