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Re: (no subject)

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Ajit Nair wrote:

> hi to all,
>     I am a first timer to OpenLdap . I am developing a client
> application to connect to the OpenLdap server.How should i configure my
> data base (ie:define my coloumns within the data base ......sorry if iam
> wrong in conceptualisation is wrong).I did read the admin document
> present in the site but it didnt give me an idea as to how am i supposed
> to "put in my coloumns".If somebody could guide me in this matter it
> would be really very helpful.

I think your conceptualisation of the problem is wrong - you're thinking in
an RDBMS way, and the LDAP way is most certainly not the way.  Certainly,
trying to apply normal forms won't get you a solution.  <g>

The table definitions of a DBMS are replaced by object classes.  A single
record is identified by a distinguished name (DN) and under that all the
object classes which are relevant in describing the record are specified by
the objectclass: definition.  Unlike a DBMS, LDAP allows multiple data items
for the same field to be defined, and all fields are stored in the same DN,
even if they are defined in different object classes.

Hope this helps in some way.

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Matthew Palmer