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Re: OpenLdap version

Alejandra Moreno wrote:
> It seems I have Openldap 2.0.15, and there's a new release, Openldap
> 2..0.18, anybody knows the differences?

quoting http://www.openldap.org/software/release/changes.html :

OpenLDAP 2.0.18 Release
             Fixed -llber ber_bvecadd bug (ITS#1398)
             Fixed slap tools replica config bug (ITS#1385)
             Build environment
                     Updated req_query detection

     OpenLDAP 2.0.17 Release
             Fixed ldbm BerkeleyDB2 compat bug (ITS#1390)

     OpenLDAP 2.0.16 Release
             Fixed slapd indexing bug (ITS#1349)
             Fixed slapd/slurpd maxargs bug (ITS#1343)
             Fixed slapd ManageDSAIT warning
             Fixed slapd no OID schema bug
             Fixed slurpd server down reject bug (ITS#1183)
             Fixed slurpd moddn newsup bug (ITS#1379)
             Fixed -llber ber_realloc bug (ITS#1346)
             Fixed -lldap multi-level referral chase bug (ITS#1346)
             Fixed -lldap high port bug (ITS#1375)
             Fixed CR/LF handling (ITS#1328)
             Updated slapd/-lldap getaddrinfo handling (ITS#1304)
             Updated -lldap_r pthread stack size
             Updated slapd acl assert checks
             Updated slurpd ManageDSAIT handling
             Updated slapd root/subschema DSE update error handling
             Removed -lldbm use of Berkeley CDB
             Updated -lldbm to use r/w lock with DB_THREAD
             Updated back-ldbm update attribute indices on delete
             Updated ud Kerberos ticket handling
             Added back-ldbm idl_check() code
             Build environment
                     Updated ltconfig for MacOS X 10.1 (ITS#1361)
                     Updated slapd.conf with ACL example
                     Updated pthread detection
                     Updated Kerberos detection (ITS#1372)
                     Updated test005 /dev/null diff for Tru64 compat
                     Updated test007 modrdn test
                     Updated test008 read/write ratio
                     Updated MSVC5 project files
                     Update slapcat/add pages

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