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Re: OpenLDAP limitations?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote...:

> Recently we had to deply OpenLDAP 2 on AIX (4.3 I think); after
> some fighting I succeeded in compiling it with threads and with
> db-3.3.11; it passed all the tests and I was able to load the db
> (small load though,
> in the order of thousands of entries) and read from/write to it for
> a while without significant failures.  I compiled it with gcc
> 2.95.2, and needed to explicitly set -lpthread -D_THREAD_SAFE
> otherwise no reasonable thread settings were automatically
> detected; btw, I got these options from db3's makefile after
> successfully configuring it. 
> (Hint to users, even if I might well be reinventing the wheel:
> on AIX ALWAYS use --disable-shared !!!!).

i know.. :o)

> Up to your experience, do you think this is going to be dependable?

i fear it isn't.. the problem wasn't to compile the whole thing and get 
it running, (it's not a hard one, actually..) but to _keep it running_ 
for longer than just a few hours with "heavy" load. (where heavy is set 
to about 200 requests per second..) slapd just grows up to 128MB memory, 
and then "locks up".. next to do is a `kill -9`..