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Re: OpenLDAP limitations?

Martin Smith wrote...:

> I'm considering moving a largish (460,000 person entries), but not
> too high-traffic directory from a commercial product to OpenLDAP.

we're running a 600.000-entries-directory for our qmail service here. 
(with 3 additional smaller databases for various apache / proftp 
authentifications and our mail-domains)

> Are there any known performance or other limitations that would
> make this a bad idea?

(read) performance is quite ok, our slapd's run on two IBM sp2 silver 
nodes, (4  cpu each, 266MHz, and 4 slapd-processes each..) and we get 
about 200 requests per second from our services. (at max.) the whole 
thing now is truely oversized, that's 'cause we're running slapd single 
threaded, (AIX and multithreading, that's kinda like microsoft and 
opensource..) and experienced heavy performance problems during 
backend is ldbm btw..

i've tested openldap multithreaded on linux too, that gave me much 
better results than any of the AIX stuff.. >:|

i'd _really_ suggest to run openldap on linux or *BSD and avoid AIX /