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RE: setup on RH 7.2

Try again with "-x" to turn off SASL bind.
	ldapadd -x -f ldap.test -D cn=admin,o=cbmi,c=au -W

As another poster already noted, your ldap.test file is not in correct LDIF
format. It should be something like
	dn: o=cbmi,c=au
	objectclass: organizationalRole
	o: cbmi
	cn: Postmaster
	description: This is a test

I haven't checked your attributes to see if they're all legal, I suspect
there is a problem there as well. You should look in the schema files to
make sure you're using the correct objectClass and the correct attributes
for that class.

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> Subject: setup on RH 7.2
> I have installed openldap, (comes with RH 7.2), have edited slapd.conf
> and am trying to add an entry.  I use the following comand
> ldapadd -f ldap.test -D "cn=admin, o=cbmi, c=au" -W
> this prompts me for a password, after typing it I get the following
> error
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: no such attribute
> The contents of ldap.test are as follows
> o=cbmi, c=au
> objectclass=organizationalRole
> cn=Postmaster
> description= This is a test
> As far as I can see the objectclass organizationRole has been defined
> and the attributes are legitimate.  Any idea where I could be wrong?  I
> have defined the root of the tree as o=cbmi, c=au in slapd.conf too.
> thanks
> Chandra
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