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Re: Solaris automounter

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

> Hi list,
> After managing to authenticate using OpenLdap with Solaris, i am
> struggling to
> get the automounter to work. Can anyone provide a success story, howto
> etc.. ?

Yay! Did you use PADL nss_ldap or Solaris nss_ldap? When I experimented
with Solaris nss_ldap, everything but 'listusers' coredumped on me (su,
id, etc). PADL nss_ldap works fine, but there seems to be little or no
cacheing between the actual getpw* system calls and the LDAP server which
can cause quite some load on your LDAP server(s).

For the time being I only use LDAP nsswitch clients on servers that
require immediate knowledge of changes in the user database and have
scripts periodically propagating LDAP content to plain maps on a NIS

Related question: Does slapd cache read requests - not the LDBM data or
the indexes, but the final and processed data just before it is sent to
the client?


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