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Re: Help !! LDAP+SASL

Hi, I'll try to help a bit. Also I am forwaring the answer to the pam-ldap list
because I am wondering if pam-ldap and nss-ldap uses sasl at all (or in dead if
they need to).

> ldap.conf
/etc/ldap.conf -> .conf file for the nss & pam libs.
/etc/openldap/ldap.conf -> conf file for the different openldap utils
(ldapsearch etc)

> $ ldapadd -D dn="cn=Manager,dc=rspllinux,dc=com" -f first.ldif -W
THink: What uid is adding things here, does it have a uid/pwd combo in sasldb?
Suggestion, add the -U (I think) option. 

> Enter LDAP Password: secret
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such object

Have you done:
1. touch /usr/lib/sasl/Openldap.conf
2. enter into the file:
pwcheck_method = sasldb
3. then to create your users:
saslpasswd etc.

OTH, I am not sure if pam-ldap works with sasl. But I hope the good people at
the pamldap maillinglist can tell me that I am wrong on this.


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