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Re: Synchronizing from LDAP to external database

If you are using Oracle 8 Enterprise Edition, you may be able to install Oracle 
Internet Directory on top of your DB and have your primary slurpd pump LDIF 
straight into your OID, which would then update your SQL. Maybe. :)

Otherwise, I think the replog file parsing would be a safe bet. There is a perl 
module that parses LDIF (LDAP::LDIF I think? check CPAN...). You could then use 
something like DBI to put the stuff in Oracle.

If you created a named pipe (FIFO) as /tmp/foo and set the replogfile directive 
in slapd.conf to log to this same file, you could write your own version of 
slurpd that would read from the named pipe and do whatever you want with the 


Quoting Mook Leffler <mook@prodigy.net>:

> I'm new to LDAP, and my task at hand is this:
> Given an LDAP server (in my case it will be a slave), I need to propagate
> modifications, insertions, and deletions from LDAP to an Oracle 8.1.7
> database.  Does anyone have advice on the best way to do this?  I see that
> there is an LCUP protocol that sounds promising, but it sounds like it may be
> awhile before it's implemented.
> Would it be a reasonable assumption that I could capture the replication
> logfile, parse it, and then update my external database?  Can slapd/slurpd
> help here?  Is it simply a matter of configuring slapd to generate a
> replication logfile, and using my own code instead of running slurpd?  Does
> anyone have experience with this?
> Thanks.
> Amy

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