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Re: slapd crash: ch_malloc.c:77: failed assertion `0'

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Erik Persson wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running OpenLDAP 2.0.17 (I am going to get 2.0.18) with the ldbm
> backend using Berkeley DB 3.3.11. After actualling having gone production
> with the server (no major issues occured during the test phase that
> couldn't be fixed) I now find that slapd dies sproradically but
> frequently, usually with:
> ch_malloc.c:77: failed assertion `0'
> Could this be a symptom of the memory being exhausted?

I did a little more research and I wonder if there might not be some kind
of memory leak here. I have less that thousand dn:s in my LDAP namespace
and the cache settings in slapd.conf have been reset to default. Still,
when a hung application on my workstation caused nss_ldap to _hammer_ the
slapd with queries, slapd grew from its initial 4 MB to more that 600 MB
VSZ within five minutes. I am running OpenLDAP on a Sun Ultra 5 running
a well-patched Solaris 8 and the software is in this case compiled with
gcc (probably 2.95.3 but it is also  possible that 3.0.2 was used).


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