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Ldap and web-mail - Installation guide (setup questions)


Where can I get a document that focuses on Ldap and webmail ?

Is there anything else I should read ? 


If possible, I would like to find a document that describes or explains how Ldap, 

Imp, and Courier-Imap work together. 

As a test, I am setting up Ldap with Imp, Courier-Imap, and Exim on 

Debian Potato running the 2.2.19 Linux kernel at home.

I am new with Ldap, so I have been reading the contents of /usr/doc/openldap-guide

I have also been reading the documentation in /usr/doc/courier-imap and  /usr/doc/imp .

In the near future, I will be setting up Ldap for webmail with Kerberos authentification 

at a private school.