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Re: one slapd to multiple backends LDAP

At 14:21 07/12/01 +0100, Pierangelo Masarati a écrit:

>You need to configure the proxies to point at the least common naming 
>context to spawn searches across the whole tree. This because the 
>appropriate database is selected based on the base of the request,
>so if you have
># database 1
>suffix  "ou=pers,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr"
># database 2
>suffix  "ou=etudiants,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr"
>and you issue a search request with base "dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr", 
>none of the databases will be selected.

Thank's for the answer

I have just done the following attempt:

          |                                                                                  |
dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr                                            dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr
          |                                                                                  |
    ou=pers                                                                       ou=etudiants

and my config is :

database        ldap
uri             ldap://neith.univ-nancy2.fr:395  # ou=pers,....
suffix          "dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr"

database        ldap
uri             ldap://etumel.univ-nancy2.fr:392  # ou=etudiants,...
suffix          "dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr"

If I search :
(uid=vmathieu) with the base dc=univ-nancy2.fr or ou=pers,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr, it works

If I search :
(uid=vmath999) with the base dc=univ-nancy2.fr or ou=etudiants,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr, it doesn' works

vmathieu : uid=vmathieu,ou=People,ou=Pers,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr (in the first ldap database)
vmath999: uid=vmath999,ou=MI,ou=PLG,ou=ETUDIANTS,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr (in the second database)

It's as if only the first ldap database was treated

>You should try the (experimental) back-meta; it does exactly what 
>you expect.

I am going to look 

>Another solution is using referrals, although in this case it is 
>the client's responsibility to contact the appropriate server.

I use referrals, and I'd prefer to use a proxy method

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