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saslpwd : generic failure

i have installed cyrus-sasl-1.5.24 on win2k with openldap2.11
when i wanted to build a sasldb with this command:
saslpwd -a slapd.exe -c cn=Manager,dc=com
the output is:
entry is = [c:\sasl-plugins\saslANONYMOUS.dll]
entry is = [c:\sasl-plugins\saslPLAIN.dll]
entry is = [c:\sasl-plugins\saslCRAM.dll]
Password: test
Again (for verification): test
saslpwd: generic failure
and then i found the slapd.exe cann't start as before.
can someone tell me how to use sasl on nt with openldap?
best regards,